2012-presenT  A New Perspective on Finding the Viewpoint


For his project in Geometry in 2012, math major Robert Lehr decided to play with cross ratios to create fractal forms. In the process of creating some beautifully complex drawings, some done on the chalkboard in the Whitmore-Chapman lounge, he stumbled across a brand new method for finding the viewpoint for a two-point perspective drawing. It is a simple-to-use, satisfying blend of algebraic and geometric techniques that one can employ at the museum. Together, we collaboratively refined the idea and wrote a paper which was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Mathematics Magazine in October 2017. The paper has won a 2018 Carl B. Allendoerfer award for expository excellence of papers published in Mathematics Magazine in 2017.  

You can read the paper here: A New Perspective on Finding the Viewpoint

You can read an article about it here: https://www.southwestern.edu/live/news/12877-southwestern-alum-and-math-faculty-win-prizes-for