Octopus 1 (original design). yarn, polyfill, 2010    
  Making the Fatman. wood, chicken wire, packing peanuts, plaster, cheese cloth, 2009
  Octopus 1 with Fatman and Photobooth. 2010
  Dissected pigeon. yarn, polyfil. 2012
  Dissected pigeon, for the Interdisciplinary Craft as Art exhibit. 2012
  Dissected pigeon (backview). 2012
  Gubler-flu, in 3D, inspired by Gubler's tshirt, for Matthew. 2012
  Harley. microfleece fabric, thread, polyfil, newspaper, 2012
  Harley helmet. 2012
 3  eyed monster sleeping bag. fabric, thread, polyfil, quilting hoop, 2012
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