TEaching philosophy

Engage, empower, and Guide students to discover the beauty and awesomeness of mathematics. 

FOr Students

PatrickJMT on youtube works out examples from algebra, trig, calculus, linear algebra, etc. 

What's your play personality?

a wonderful/ridiculous/wonderfully ridiculous website to go to if you are frustrated, stressed, and need to hear words of encouragement from a math professor. 

classes taught

elementary function theory
introduction to statistics
mathematical concepts
explorations in mathematics
calculus I
calculus II
calculus III
linear algebra
real analysis I
real analysis II
algebraic structures I
algebraic structures II
special topics: projective geometry
special topics: frame theory
special topics: advanced linear algebra and its applications to digital technology
first year seminar: 
   hidden perspectives, mathematics in art and art in mathematics
London semester courses: 
   mathematical influences in art
   victorian society and mathematics in wonderland and flatland
independent study:
   background on 3D slices of quaternion Julia sets for abstract sculpture
   lewis carroll and the mathematics of wonderland
   mathematical background for an android app: geometry and music
   image processing: fourier analysis, wavelet analysis and compressed sensing
   projective geometry: perspective drawing, philosophy, algebraic geometry
   perspective drawing and geometry
   creativity cohort
   representing gender course: explorations in mathematics