Dissected pigeon. yarn, polyfil, 2012
  Dissected pigeon, for the Interdisciplinary Craft as Art exhibit. 2012
  Dissected pigeon (backview). 2012
  Cat (from, My Name is Amineko by Nekoyama), for mom. yarn, polyfill, 2010
  Zombiebot (from, Crobots by Nelly Pailloux). yarn, polyfill, buttons, screws, pen springs, 2010
 C akes (from, Amigurumi Sweets, published by Boutique Sha), for grandma and aunt. yarn, polyfill, beads, 2010
   Pierrot and birthday cake, for grandma. 2012
  Beatrix Potter characters, for mom. 2012
  Gubler-flu, in 3D, inspired by Gubler's tshirt, for Matthew. 2012
  Octopus 1 with Fatman and Photobooth. 2010
  Octopus 1 (original design). yarn, polyfill, 2010    
  Octopus #2 on a hypercube, for Rich.    
  Irish Sheep. Irish yarn, polyfill, 2011
  Santa and sheep, for Ellen. 2012    
  Q*bert. yarn, polyfill, 2011
  Q*bert caught in the act. 2011
  Sheephead crochet taxidermy (unfinished). sheep skull, paper clay, yarn, 2012
  Sheephead crochet taxidermy. 2012
  Red Mobius Scarf. yarn, 2010
  Gray Scarf. yarn, 2011
  Klein Bottle Scarf. yarn, 2011
  Taiyaki (from, Amigurumi Sweets, published by Boutique Sha), for grandma. 2012
  Strawberry parfait, for grandma. 2012
  Zenzai, for aunt. 2012
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